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Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment is a surprisingly elaborate process, one which can be handled easily by the repair team at Driver's Auto Repair. The advanced tools we have allowed us to do wheel alignment services for our customers in Cypress for many years now, and thanks to the trust we have built up we will be doing them for many more years.

The mechanics at Driver's Auto Repair want to help our customers make informed decisions. Here are some reasons why you should consider bring your car into us for a wheel alignment:

  • tire wear that is uneven, especially if focused along the outer edges
  • any signs of drifting while you are driving straight
  • vibration in your steering wheel while driving
  • if your steering wheel is off center while you are driving straight

These may seem like minor repair issues, and they are, but they can develop into worse ones if you don’t act now to fix them. Our mechanics are ready to help you get your car back in perfect shape again. Don’t wait for something to go wrong, take action now.

What our ASE Certified Technicians will be doing to your car includes adjusting the camber, caster, thrust, and toe of your steering system. Normal driving, and even the smallest bump, can cause your car to need a wheel alignment. Come to our Cypress shop on Hempstead if you think you need your wheels aligned, we’ll give you an honest and fair assessment.