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Synthetic Oil Changes

How much thought have you put into your oil changes over the years? The team at Driver's Auto Repair is serious about oil, and they want you to be well informed. More and more people in Cypress are seeing the benefits of a synthetic oil change for their cars and asking for it when they come to see us.

The reason why this is happening is because more people are becoming educated about synthetic oil changes and what they can do for their car. Here are a few of the benefits that  Driver's Auto Repair has been hearing as reasons why our customers are choosing synthetic oil:

  • For those in climates with a hot summer and cold winter, they work great in both very cold and very hot temperatures. They don’t thicken when cold or break down when hot, unlike regular oil.
  • They have better viscosity.
  • Most car owners notice a performance and horsepower boost.
  • Fewer contaminants in synthetic oil means less sludge build up.
  • There is less wear and tear on parts as synthetic oil is able to bond to engine parts better.
  • Those who operate their vehicle in high stress situations, such as when towing something, notice better performance and less damage to their engine.

Call up the team here at Driver's Auto Repair and ask for a synthetic oil change if you think these are benefits that your car needs. More and more people in Cypress are getting this done for their car and you can experience the same things they are when you choose a synthetic oil.