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Check Engine Light Service

Having your check engine light come on can be distressing. We have customers coming into our Cypress shop on Hempstead with this problem all the time. Don’t delay for long when your check engine light comes on, the common reasons why it comes on are issues that relate directly to the performance of your car. With lower performance you can expect to visit the gas pump more often, and who wants that? Stop by Driver's Auto Repair instead, we are right here in Cypress and ready to help you out.

We find all kinds of reasons why check engine lights come on, our customers always seem to have something new for us! There are trends, though, these are 5 of the most common problems we repair when our customers come to us with check engine light problems:

  • damaged or faulty O2 sensors - this problem can increase your fuel use by 40%
  • old spark plugs that don’t fire properly
  • catalytic converter failure, usually due to bad spark plugs being ignored
  • ignition coils in need of replacement
  • the mass air flow sensor being full of dust and dirt - can increase fuel use by 25%

Those problems can all be fixed at Driver's Auto Repair. We can work on any model of car currently driving around Cypress, and do it accurately. One final tip we would like to leave you with is this, a common reason for a check engine light to come on is a loose gas cap. Tighten yours up, if your light is still on then give us a call at Driver's Auto Repair!